Final Touches to Earthwork

We are pleased to present completed earthwork. This shot is taken from the new roadway looking down on the retail anchor building. In view is a portion of the stream work and the recently grassed slope towards the back of the building.

This view shows  a different angle of stream work and planting with the new roadway, bridge and retaining walls in the foreground.

Notice the wet road in this image? It’s from the sprinkler system that’s now operational. This will help the newly planted sod take root.


Finalizing Site Work

As the site nears completion, we are cleaning up any signs of a construction site. This stockpile on Outparcel A is being hauled offsite.

We are installing fabric and the pipe under drain system for the Bio retention pond.

Concrete footers are being poured for storm pipe boxes on the Cox Road widening.

Roadway Access to Gaston Mall Nearing Completion

The traffic signal at Franklin Blvd is nearing completion. Our team has installed signal heads.

The thermoplastic pavement markings have been placed on the Spine Road.

The sidewalk has been completed along the south side of the building.

The new roadway is nearing completion. The street lights are in place and the trees have been planted.

Street and Parking Lot Work Nears Completion

Our team has completed final paving on the Spine Road and the guardrail has been installed. Work on street lights and tree plantings is progressing.

In preparation for the new traffic light at the Franklin Road intersection, signal poles have been installed.

Striping and signing are complete in the parking lot. We have also paved the Cox Road entrance and temporarily striped there.

In the floodplain areas, we have finished the plantings.


Moving Forward with Paving, Stream Work and Vertical Construction

Aggregate base along the Spine Road was started last week and will be completed this week.

The wetland plantings in the floodplain area are being finished, helping create new wetlands/storm water storage. The new stream bed has been shaped as it meanders along the 2,600’ of previous creek that has been rehabilitated in the process.

Most of the landscaping is complete and the final lift of asphalt is being laid this week.


As Site Progresses, Environmental Work Is A Priority

Our team is installing Enkamat, a permanent reinforcement matting along the slopes adjacent to the stream channel. In this part of the Green Amor System, the matting is anchored at the top and bottom of the slope with an anchor trench and staples.

We are installing curb and gutter on Spine Road. The roadway is being fine graded in preparation for the aggregate base.

We have planted trees in the islands of the parking lot. These areas have been raked in preparation for sod.

Inside the anchor store, we are more than half way finished installing the signs and fixtures.

Our team made great progress in the pharmacy, which is now fitted with shelving.

Retention Pond, Steam Relocation and Indoor Fixturing Move Ahead

We have begun excavation for the bio retention pond. This landscaping feature will be adapted to treat stormwater runoff on the site.

Along Jett Lanier Drive, our team is working to complete retaining walls.

We are progressing with stream relocation.  The channel has been completed in this section, and pools are being excavated in the flood plain area.

Outside the retail store, trees we have planted trees. Grates will be installed around the base to enhance the look and to keep them from getting damaged.

The  stock room area is almost complete, and we have also made great progress with fixturing.