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Gastonia Mall Redevelopment (Final Phase)

We were originally  to start this project some 30 months ago and like many commercial properties of the time were delayed.  We have now started the civil portion and by Fall of 2011 all vertical construction, public road, bridge work and other civil improvements will be completed.

Beyond the building construction, existing pavement material is being recycled & reused and a 1950’s circa land fill dump site located on the property is being disposed of properly. Nearly 2,200 linear feet of stream is being environmentally upgraded, close to 35,000 trees will be planted and a bio retention filtering system constructed as part of the process along with additional wetlands created adjacent Duhart’s creek.

Over the years our company has been involved with many projects and it is always nice to have one where we can have a direct impact on transforming a site such as this final phase of the Gaston Mall Redevelopment. To serve many generations  of the community for years to come.

A number of organizations, both regulatory and design firms, have had a part in making this come alive. Combined with the unwavering focus of our strategic partner,  this process has allowed us to get started.

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